▷Accessories You Need When Artificial Grass Is Installed In San Diego

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Accessories You Need When Artificial Grass Is Installed In San Diego

Accessories You Need When Artificial Grass Is Installed In San DiegoArtificial grass is being installed in homes all over the world, not just by landscapers but by homeowners. This makes sense, really; it’s cheaper to do it yourself than pay for someone else to do it, and you can make sure that everything is perfect (and no one would blame you if it wasn’t). So, you’re going to be installing artificial grass yourself? That’s absolutely great. After all, if you feel confident doing it, then why not? Not all clients will ask us to install their new artificial grass, and they will often tackle the job themselves. 

We encourage you to try if you feel comfortable doing so, but what we’re going to be talking about today is what accessories you will need before you start work. We believe that making sure you have the right tools and equipment for the job is what makes the whole process much easier.

So, to make things easy for everyone, we’ve made a list of everything you will need to install your artificial grass successfully, every time! Remember, these are only suggested items. If you already have something similar, then feel free to use it instead. There are also some other optional accessories that won’t be included in this list, but they are still very useful to have around when you are trying to install artificial grass.

Probe – This is used to ensure that your new artificial grass has been installed correctly at all levels. You can get different kinds of probes, and some look like thin metal strings. Others are plastic or wooden. You can find the exact kind in your local hardware store, but if you’re not sure, then just ask a member of staff there.

Water Hose – This is necessary when watering the artificial grass after installation. To avoid wasting too much water, just set your hose to ‘jet’ or contrast settings and allow it to run for 10 minutes. Then check back every 15 minutes until everything has been penetrated properly.

Tape Measure – Used to mark where you will be installing the artificial grass, also useful when cutting the grass down if needed. Just make sure that your measurements are correct before cutting anything away! 

Caulking Gun – This is what will be used to hold down the edges of the artificial grass. There are different kinds of caulk guns available, but this one requires far less effort. Just stuff it with your chosen caulk and push it into the edge of each piece before laying it down on top of the ground. You can get these at just about any hardware store around where you live!


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