Tree Well Surfacing

Rubber Tree Well Installation in San Diego, Porous Tree Well

Tree Well Surfacing San Diego


The porous rubber tree wells are perfect in areas where people are prone to fall during slips or due to side walk cracking.  To avoid this, contact the best tree well surfacing installation company in San Diego for our tree well surfacing service.  The porous nature of this well also supports deep rooting which can happen without damage to the surface around the well.

The best rubber tree wells come in a variety of colors and specifications. For a customized experience, our artificial turf team and you will be able to come up with your color scheme to make your rubber well stand out, whether you prefer to have it installed on an artificial golf putting green or synthetic pet turf run.  No matter what the tree well project may be, our professional team of installers are ready for the job at hand.


It is important to preserve the urban trees around our living areas because they perform functions such as reducing the overall temperature of the area, improving the quality of air, adding aesthetic value to the place, promoting good health, etc. the need to plant many more communities have acknowledged more of these trees.

In the U.S. the rubber tree wells have been positioned strategically at many locations to preserve the urban trees from destruction.

A quick example of how the rubber tree wells have been used to preserve natural urban trees is when the trees that had existed in an area within a school for many years caused the concrete and having within the school to crack, becoming a potential hazard to students. The rubber tree wells were introduced in that area during a renovation to restore the safety of the surface while eliminating the need to destroy the natural urban trees.


The installation of the rubber tree wells can be done in two ways; either it is installed as a single layer or as a two-layer system. The choice will be dependent on the specifications indicated in the project brief and the provisions made for the design.

The rubber tree system is characterized by a single layer is made with 100% rubber sourced from recycled materials; they come in different colors in large sizes.

The rubber tree well system installed with two layers consists of the base layer made from 100% recycled rubber and the second layer consists of virgin rubber immersed deeply in color to prevent fade over a long period. With this option, more color combinations and variations are possible.

The requirements specifically demanded the sub-base is dependent on the region.


  • The Porous Materials- the porosity aids the penetration of water through the materials to reach the root system hence the reduction of root heaves which damage the grounds and a better storm water management.
  • Sustainability- this is achieved due to the use of recycled materials.
  • Safety- apart from the aesthetic benefits, the sidewalk in such areas is safe to use at any time of the day.
  • Promotes the preservation of the Natural habitats- there is little need to fell trees in areas where these rubber tree wells have been put up.
  • Variety in design- the options are encouraging, customers can choose from a variety regarding size, color, and design.
  • Easy Installation- The rubber tree wells are very easy to install at any location.
  • Durability- These products usually last for a long time (an estimated life cycle of over twelve years).
  • Resistant to harsh weather- weather conditions such as freezing temperature or extreme heat that may cause cracking or thawing would rarely occur with these rubber tree wells.
  • Unique design- they do not have joints, cracks neither are they prone to cracks during under strata movements.

To get your free artificial grass estimate today, or if you have any questions about our great service, contact the professionals at the best tree well surfacing installation contractor in San Diego.