▷Artificial Turf Care And Maintenance Tips San Diego

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Effective Care And Maintenance Tips For The Best Putting Green In San Diego, CA

Artificial Turf Care and Maintenance Tips San Diego

Putting greens are good alternatives for the people who want to keep their laws clean quickly. Even if you leave it for weeks, it will be okay as it doesn’t require much maintenance. But you should not neglect synthetic turf. For Synthetic Turf San Diego, contact Artificial Grass Pros.

Why You Should Take Active Care of Your Synthetic Turf

Here are the benefits of committing to a regular lawn upkeep routine:

  • Turf will make your grass last for a longer time as they are made to last for about 15years.
  • They help you save money.
  • Make sure you keep your turf vibrant and clean.

5 Ways to Keep Your Artificial Lawn in Top Condition

Follow these simple steps to keep your artificial lawn clean and well maintained for an extended period.

Clear off debris

Leaves, twigs, litter, and all sorts of other particles do accumulate on the artificial grass, too and so make sure you remove all kinds of residue and debris regularly. Get rid of them on time. They tend to damage the mesh of the grass and creates wear and tear through the holes. It would help if you used a lawn vacuum or a leaf blower to eliminate the small particles.

Hose off the grass thoroughly

One of the most effective ways to clean synthetic grass is by using a hose to rinse off it’s exterior. The water aids in getting rid of the dirt from the turf and the pressure created by the hose will remove the small residue and particles. Puddles won’t make as the drainage system will remove the surplus water instantly.

Groom grass blades

If there is high traffic on the grass, then the artificial grass will get matted gradually. Keep fluffing the fibers so they stay upright. You can use a broom or a soft rake to elevate the grass blades and avert paths from forming on the grass.

Manage pet waste immediately

Though artificial grass isn’t affected by pet filths, it is better to eliminate waste on time. Rinse the area ASAP with water.

Check your turf for wear and tear

If you see a gauge or damage, immediately call an expert of synthetic turf to fix the damaged patch. Make sure you monitor the grass often and keep the weeds away.

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