▷Environmental Benefits Of Artificial Grass Pros San Diego

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The Major Environmental Benefits Of Artificial Grass Pros San Diego

The Major Environmental Benefits Of Artificial Grass Pros San DiegoArtificial Grass is growing in popularity across the world at an astonishing rate. The benefits of artificial grass are well documented, with many homeowners switching from natural to artificial grass after experiencing benefits including reduced maintenance times and costs, improved durability and a decrease in water usage by up to 95%. However, there are several environmental benefits of artificial grass that should be discussed as part of any conversation about the pros of artificial grass.

Water conservation is one of the many benefits related to using synthetic grass for your landscape. Most think it’s because people will not have to worry about watering anymore; but this isn’t really true. While you could eliminate your lawn care services completely, landscapers usually recommend keeping some sort of regular maintenance on your landscape to keep it looking healthy and green.

Conserving Water

Artificial grass benefits the environment in many ways. For one, it uses significantly less water than a natural lawn. Some estimates show that grass accounts for 20% of all freshwater usage in any given area. In contrast, artificial turf uses just ½-2 gallons of water per square foot each year depending on climate conditions (compared to 10-18 gallons). While this is still more than some front yard alternatives like xeriscapes or desert gardens, it does represent a significant conservation of resources and cost savings over time.

Decreasing Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Another benefit of artificial turf is related to its potential benefits for the environment. Carbon dioxide emitted from gasoline-powered lawn mowers, water pumps and other equipment used in maintaining natural grass often accounts for a large percentage of pollution caused by homes.

 Estimates show that each year, 6 million tons of carbon dioxide are released due to landscaping around the world – over 7% of total emissions. Artificial turf benefits the environment in this respect as it uses little to no electricity or fuel and does not require any maintenance other than watering, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to natural grass when considering your landscape needs.

Less Chemical Runoff And Contamination

Chemicals from fertilizer and soil (some of which are toxic) often filter down through the soil into groundwater supplies. In addition, runoff from rain or irrigation can also cause chemical contamination in nearby waterways. 

The benefits of artificial turf when compared to a natural lawn come into play here again as it does not require the use of potentially harmful chemicals for growth instruction and maintains healthy plants with almost entirely organic material. There is no need for excess pesticides or fertilizers that may pollute local water supplies – another benefit to using synthetic grass over natural grass for your landscape needs.

Environmental benefits aside, there are many other benefits related to artificial turf including its durability, ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and improved aesthetics – all benefits you should be discussing with our Artificial Grass Pros experts in San Diego. Call us at (619) 332-1177 right away.

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