▷Bad Odor From Artificial Grass Garden In San Diego

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How To Get Rid Of Bad Odor Smelling From Your Artificial Grass Garden In San Diego

How To Get Rid Of Bad Odor Smelling From Your Artificial Grass Garden In San DiegoThe good news about artificial grass is that you can use all-natural methods to clean your turf without using any sort of chemicals or harsh products. This will make sure that your house remains safe and healthy for everyone with allergies around them. The following are some top tips you can try to get rid of bad odor smelling from your artificial grass garden:

Remove all pet waste immediately since pets carry lots of bacteria in their urine which will irritate the nostrils once dried up.

Rainwater Contaminants

Avoid using the grass when it is raining because this will increase its chances of smelling worse. Rainwater has a lot of contaminants that are not good for health. Make sure you get rid of all the water immediately after rainfall before the smell spreads through the air. Try to use soft brushes or brooms to remove all wet debris from your artificial lawns. Alternatively, if there are large chunks of dirt on your turf, then try removing them by hand and let them dry out in the sun for a few hours before sweeping them away.

Sometimes, people forget that they have their pets inside the house too, which can also cause certain smells on artificial lawns, especially whenever they pee on them! So make sure that you clean the artificial grass on a weekly basis so that it does not get too smelly.

Make sure you use water from clean sources for irrigating your turf. Regular tap water or even rainwater will contain chlorine and other harmful chemicals, which can be really bad for health. So make sure to use distilled water that contains no sodium, fluoride, or sodium hypochlorite in them.

Ensure to mow your artificial grass lawn regularly because this will prevent the buildup of dead material, debris, and insects on its surface, making them more prone to smell bad.

Artificial grass needs sunlight to dry out properly and quickly after rainfall but if you notice any moisture on its surface during hot weather, then utilize UV rays from the sun directly by placing the lawn under direct sunlight. This will quickly dry it off so that no moisture can spread a bad smell once dried up.

Always try to maintain the pH balance of the soil because water with high alkalinity or acidity can breed smells too. Depending on your location, you should test out different soils and amendments to determine their ideal pH value, then use that same soil for fertilizing your turf.

If you are not able to remove all dirt from your artificial grass, then utilize a blower after sweeping leaves, debris, etc. to blow them off completely from the surface because, without proper ventilation, this leftover material could cause moisture which along with other contaminants can spread bad odors in the air.   


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