▷How To Calculate How Much Artificial Turf You Need In San Diego

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How To Calculate How Much Artificial Turf You Need In San Diego

How To Calculate How Much Artificial Turf You Need In San DiegoArtificial grass in your garden? You may be wondering how much it will cost. Determining how much artificial grass you need to cover your landscape might be difficult. 

If you’re in our installation region, we’ll examine your garden before installation to give you an accurate price and determine how much work is needed. We’ll also measure your yard. 

Many of our customers live outside our area and install themselves. In this situation, we’ve created a simple strategy for figuring out how much fake grass to order and how much it would cost, even if you live nearby. How much turf do you need? 

Measuring Synthetic Grass 

Artificial grass is an outdoor carpet. It’s measured in m2, therefore measuring your garden for an artificial lawn the same way you would for a room for new carpet. 

Our lawns are 2m or 4m wide and 25m long. Depending on roll sizes, you’ll need to measure your grass. This reduces joins and simplifies installation. 

Artificial grass is priced per square meter. We have budget-friendly and quality lawns. The price of your lawn depends on the variety you choose, but they’re all measured the same. 

Square And Rectangle Lawns 

After choosing a lawn and learning how to measure it, you may measure your garden. To figure how much turf you need, evaluate the area’s form. Square or rectangular lawns are easiest to calculate. 

Measure your lawn’s length and width in meters to determine its m2. Multiply dimensions. A 5m by 5m garden would require 25m2 of artificial grass. 

15m2 of artificial turf will cover a 3m x 5m lawn. Remember to round the width or length to the nearest 2m or 4m, and there will be grass waste. The 15m2 area requires one 4 x 5m piece (20m2). 

Calculating Circular Turf 

People often border an artificial lawn with plants, decking, gravel, or other things. This gives a wonderful, manicured effect, but calculating how much turf you need for a non-square or rectangle space can be challenging. It’s easier than you think. 

Measure the circle/width oval’s and length in meters. Multiply these dimensions, as with rectangular lawns. A 3m (w) by 3m (l) circular area requires 9m2 of grass. 

With circular lawns, you’ll be given a square or rectangle to trim (if you are installing it yourself). We shape lawns in our installation area. 

Lawn Angles 

Angled lawns must be treated like rectangular or square lawns. First measure the area’s width, then its length. A 4m (w) base and a 6m (l) longest side are examples. Even if your grass tapers to less than 1m (w) at the top and 3m (l) on the shortest side, use the longest and broadest parts for calculations. A 4m (w) x 6m (l) lawn will need 24m2, albeit some will be wasted when chopped to form. 


You can obtain an online quotation that includes installation once you know how much grass you need. You can also place your order on our website or phone us with inquiries. Contact Artificial Grass Pros to discuss the next steps.

Artificial Grass Can Help You Save Money

Artificial Grass Pros has a large range of synthetic turf to meet your needs! For added peace of mind, any turf installed by our trained professionals comes with a 15-year warranty. Request an estimate from Artificial Grass Pros today to get started or for more information!