▷5 Care Tips For Indoor Playground Turf In San Diego

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5 Care Tips For Indoor Playground Turf In San Diego

5 Care Tips For Indoor Playground Turf In San DiegoPlaytime messes are inevitable. Whether your children watch cartoons on the couch, play with building blocks, or roll cars across indoor turf flooring, it’s only a matter of time before things get messy. At Artificial Grass Pros, we specialize in commercial and residential rubber flooring for indoor playgrounds, which makes cleanup easy by converting your living space into an interactive play area for kids to run around. We’ve compiled five care tips that will keep your indoor turf playing surface looking great without too much effort!

1) Fade Protection

While both water-based and solvent-based colorants are used in artificial grass manufacturing, some fade protection is required if you want your floors to maintain their vibrant appearance. We use premium dye systems to ensure that Artificial Grass Pros playground flooring is fade-resistant, even in high-traffic play areas.

2) Anti-Microbial Protection

Most spills are relatively easy to clean up with a mop and some water. But children will be children, which means they occasionally drop food or drinks on the floor. This can cause bacteria buildup over time if anti-microbial Protection isn’t applied to your indoor turf floors. Since Artificial Grass Pros synthetic grass does not absorb liquids, you won’t have to worry about germs growing beneath surface level. We use premium anti-microbial agents that create an invisible shield between spills and your playing area that inhibits bacterial growth, all while repelling odors! Our solutions are safe for both kids and pets, which means you’ll be able to breathe easily while children play.

3) Scraping

Some indoor turf flooring is manufactured with a textured or pebbled surface. This design allows for maximum softness and strength when your child falls down while playing on the floor but can also make it harder to clean up heavy spills like juice boxes and yogurt cups. If this becomes an issue, we recommend using a broom to agitate the material and remove unwanted grime. A stiff brush can also be effective for getting between the blades and along the edges of your floors. We offer dual-purpose brushes specifically designed for indoor playgrounds that transition from stiff bristles to flat scraping surfaces as needed!

4) High-Traffic Areas

In high-traction play areas, carpet fibers can sometimes be displaced by heavy foot traffic, which results in a matted-down appearance that looks worn and dirty. Our rubber flooring is manufactured to withstand even the heaviest of playtime use, so you won’t have to worry about your floors looking old before their time. Just remember – if spills do occur, make sure to clean up immediately before they dry! Otherwise, stains might become a permanent fixture on your turfs.

5) Regular Maintenance

If you’ve installed synthetic grass as an indoor playground surface with Artificial Grass Pros, then regular maintenance should be done on a daily basis. We recommend sweeping away any debris from shoes with a broom and scraping off any noticeable spills.


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