▷Clean Common Spills And Stains Off Outdoor Artificial Grass San Diego

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How To Clean Common Spills And Stains Off Outdoor Artificial Grass In San Diego

Clean Common Spills And Stains Off Outdoor Artificial Grass San DiegoOutdoor artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular as a low-maintenance alternative to natural grass.

Mowing? Never, Ever Again

Do you have pests, weeds, or unsightly brown stains on your lawn? Not any longer! Synthetic turf is the greatest option if you want to save a lot of time and effort while still having a lush lawn for your outdoor space.

However, while artificial grass appears to be spotless at all times, it is nonetheless susceptible to spills and stains. Here’s how to get rid of some of the most frequent ones from your new stomping grounds:

Cooking Oil/Grease

With the number of parties and BBQs you’ll be hosting on your synthetic lawn, and a spill is going to occur sooner or later.

The first step is to absorb as much as possible using paper towels or rags. Scrubbing will likely drive the oil further into your outside lawn.

Mix dishwashing detergent or baby shampoo with warm water after you’ve wiped up the majority of the oil spill. Apply the mixture to the afflicted region with a spray bottle.

After letting it soak for about five minutes, towel it dries and rinses gently to get rid of any leftovers. Allow for thorough air drying before using or walking on your grass.


Spilling red wine on the grass is another common form of the spill. Simply soak the stain in cold water with a clean towel. Then, using diluted white vinegar, remove any residual coloring from your turf’s surface. Rinse thoroughly and allow the area to dry fully.


The same can be said for ketchup, gravy, and creamy dressing spills.

To absorb as much as possible, simply wipe the spill with a paper towel or rag. Then, make a paste using baking soda and water and apply it to the stain. Brush the stained area lightly with a clean sponge or rag.

Allow for a minute of cooling before rinsing with clean water and allowing to dry completely before strolling or playing on your grass.

Urine From A Dog

Your dog will adore artificial grass in the yard just as much as you do! Cleaning up their pee and excrement, on the other hand, comes with the territory.

The idea is to act as quickly as possible. The sooner you clean up the mess, the less likely you are to create unpleasant scents.

Pick up and dispose of solid waste as usual. After that, hose down the urine and apply pet enzyme cleaners to further break down the pee. Because enzyme cleaners totally erase all traces of your dog’s pee, this is especially handy if you’re trying to train them to go potty in a certain location.


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