▷How To Care For Your Artificial Turf In Winter Weather

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How To Care For Your Artificial Turf In Winter Weather

How to Care for Your Artificial Turf in Winter Weather

To maintain a perfectly green lawn throughout the year is near to impossible. Especially in stormy and winter weather. The extreme cold and low temperature can snap your grass blade and change your lush green grass into a brown and damaged wasteland in no time. 

However, with the help of artificial turf landscaping from Artificial Grass Pros, you can maintain a beautiful lawn even in winters. 

Synthetic turf is made from a polyethylene material that stays green throughout the year, under every weather and maintenance condition. Regardless of what your lawn goes through, whether it is a blizzard or thunderstorm, by the end of it your lawn will stay remain looking just as good as it was the day you got it installed. 

For a luscious green lawn in winters, following are some simple tips mentioned to maintain it in peak condition. 

Shovel Snow Regularly

Though light snow does not damage artificial grass blades but allowing snow to pile up in your ground can be dangerous. Not only will it turn into a slippery surface and a hazard for you but the compacted layers of snow can convert into the ice with time and will make your grass blades brittle. 

So to avoid broken blades, your first precautionary measure should be to remove packed snow regularly with a plastic shovel. Your turf might become matted because of the weight. You can get it back to its original shape after cross-brushing once the snow is melted. This will turn it back to new. 

Avoid Using Salt

People usually clear areas where it snows or where there is ice by the use of salt and anti-freeze chemical products. However, you should never use any of this on your artificial grass. It’s better to let snow or ice melt on its own instead. 

Chemical products will harm your synthetic turf and even your pets. It can also become the cause of your turf’s drainage blockage. Therefore, we strongly recommend avoiding salt and chemicals altogether. Only use it on rare occasions and sparingly if need be. 

Tread Carefully

Artificial grass is durable and long-lasting compared to natural grass. This does not mean it is entirely indestructible. Ice collected on grass can turn your blades into a brittle condition and break them. Walking over blades under such conditions can break them. Avoid walking on a frozen lawn to keep it protected and safe. 

In hot as desert summers or cold as arctic winters, artificial grass from Artificial Grass Pros is the best and most reliable landscaping solution for you. We will help you gain an evergreen lawn that will catch the attention of your neighbors and community. 

When the storms in winters will turn all-natural grass in your area brown with broken blades, your lawn will remain fresh and beautiful. Speak to our representative about the best artificial turf product and type for your residential area. Give us a call and choose a beautiful lawn.