▷How To Clean Your Artificial Grass In San Diego

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How To Clean Your Artificial Grass In San Diego

How To Clean Your Artificial Grass In San Diego

Artificial grass is considered to be extremely durable, which makes it an ideal choice for homeowners looking for lawn replacement. The artificial turf will get dirty over time—especially if the pets are frequent visitors to your garden or if you have kids playing on it. To maintain its beauty, cleanliness is what you need so that your artificial grass looks as good as new always. Let us just find out how to go about this process of cleaning the fake lawns.

Here are some methods of cleaning your artificial grass:

1) Spot Cleaning With A Hosepipe

Spot cleaning of dirt spots on the artificial lawn can be done by using a hosepipe. Turn on the hosepipe and spray on these areas until the dirt is removed. This method is best when the dirt spots are fresh and can be easily removed by using this method.

2) Using A Garden Hose To Clean Artificial Grass

Using a garden hose is another good idea for cleaning your artificial grass. The high-pressure water will help you in removing dust, debris, and other unwanted things on the fake lawns. If there are stubborn stains like pet poo or barbecue sauce etc., then it would require multiple hoses to remove them entirely, which sometimes may not even work out well. So make sure that the stain/stubborn dirt is completely removed before you use this method of cleaning your artificial grass.

3) Use An Electric Pressure Washer To Clean Fake Lawns

Electric pressure washers are available at rental shops, or you can also purchase them if you need to make use of this method on a regular basis. It is advisable to hire professionals to clean your artificial lawn because it may not be safe for the grass. Do not use high-pressure water as it may damage the mesh that holds together the blades of grass with each other—although some manufacturers say that their grass is pressure washer friendly but then again, how will you ever know until you try it out yourself?

4) Spot Cleaning With Bleach And Water Mix

Spot cleaning dirty areas on your artificial lawn are reachable only when they are fresh, so do not wait till they have dried up before doing something about it. Make a solution of bleach and water in equal parts and dip a cloth in the solution. Now rub the cloth on these dirty areas to remove them completely. Do not let the bleach sit too long on one area as it might destroy the grass fibers/blades, which in turn damages your fake lawn.


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