▷How Do You Install Artificial Turf For A Dog Run In San Diego?

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How Do You Install Artificial Turf For A Dog Run In San Diego?

How Do You Install Artificial Turf For A Dog Run In San Diego?There are several ways to install artificial turf for a dog run. This article will discuss one method of installation using different types of materials in the padding and drainage layers to create a durable base upon which your turf can be installed.

Use Artificial Grass Kits

The first step is to mark off an area that you would like your new dog to run to cover. In our project, we decided on an 18×30 foot space, but this can vary depending on what size you need it to be. The artificial grass kits that we used came with stakes which enabled us to secure them during the install process. 

We laid two rows of these stakes out diagonally across my flooring so that they were approximately 6 feet apart from each other, creating some nice straight lines for our install.

Next, take your roll of artificial turf and place it on the floor between the two rows of stakes creating your straight edge. Next up is to secure this end; we chose to use some heavy self-adhesive tape for this process.

You want to make sure that you lay enough tape down so that when you roll out the turf, there is no “crease” where the two ends meet; creases will create a weak area in the grass and could cause potential damage later on during playtime by dogs and children.

Measure The Material Carefully

This was a 4×8 foot piece of material with a 1/2 inch cushion thickness which gave us approximately 2 inches total thickness (including your wood) across the entire underlayment. After applying it, we then laid down our drainage layer consisting of pea gravel or sand and applied more self-adhesive tape on top of this layer as well.

This provided us a nice and even pattern in which the turf was going to be laid. We then trimmed off any excess from our turf edges that extended past our underlayment, and we were ready to go!

Next, we moved on to laying out our artificial grass. You will want to make sure that you have a sharp utility knife or razor blade of some sort for this process so that it cuts easily through the backing of your turf without damaging the actual grass material underneath.

Once you have your start point secured, remove any excess backing from the top of your turf to make it easier to lay out on your underlayment or base material. Lay down one end first and then begin to work outward toward each stake, pushing down on the turf with a metal trowel-style shovel until it is fully laid in its designated place. 

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