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With Artificial Turf Grass, What Would My Lawn Look Like In A Few Years?

With Artificial Turf Grass, What Would My Lawn Look Like In A Few Years?Most people want to know how their new artificial grass lawn will look in a few years. “Would it still be soft? Would it still be lush? Would it still be green?” The answer is yes. It would all still be soft, lush, and green — no matter what season, no matter whether there had been sun or rain or snow or wind. No need to water much (or at all) — so no more trips with the hose! 

When we mow, we are simply freshening up the blades of grass, just like you might with your own natural lawn from time to time. If you have shrubs and trees, you will not need to do much trimming of them around the edges — we have seen that as well.

UV Protection 

The key to a good artificial lawn is UV protection. It comes with that, plus a ground cloth that prevents weeds from growing up through it. And of course, there will always be mildewcide — a natural product like cornstarch or something similar in our product — to prevent mildew growth. 

The manufacturer who made our turf mix has been making this combination for 30 years and knows what he’s doing. This means you can have an “instant lawn” that will last for many years, all without having to water it! (And no mowing and trimming either.)

Call The Experts

You can do it yourself if you want, or call us for a free estimate, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about artificial grass.

Even after many years, artificial grass would still stand out like a bright green and would not require any watering.

Artificial grass is soft to the touch – no need to mow it, trim it, or worry about mildew.

The ground cloth prevents weeds from growing up through the artificial grass. Even after many years! So there’s no need for weed killers either. (No more trips with the hose!) With the weather, sun, snow & rain – it still looks lush and green year-round because artificial turf has UV protection built into its mix.

Artificial grass saves money on water, mowing service, and time too! It will not die down in a few years. In fact, it can give you decades of life and savings! And best of all, no more trips with the hose!

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