▷9 Big Mistakes To Avoid With Your Artificial Lawn In San Diego

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9 Big Mistakes To Avoid With Your Artificial Lawn In San Diego

9 Big Mistakes To Avoid With Your Artificial Lawn In San DiegoMany people are turning to artificial lawns because of the numerous benefits they offer. They don’t need mowing, watering, or fertilizing and can be installed in any climate. However, there are many mistakes that homeowners make when installing an artificial lawn which ends up costing them time and money.

Choosing The Wrong Type Of Grass

Many homeowners assume that one type of synthetic grass is just like another, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Some products are designed for warmer climates, while others are made to withstand freezing temperatures.

Not Planning It Well Enough

Laying your artificial turf isn’t a huge task, but it’s not something you can do in an afternoon. It’s important to know how much space you have available, what your budget is, and exactly which types of grass are compatible with your climate.

Buying The Grass A Bit At A Time

It’s important to do your research and buy as much of the artificial grass as possible at once. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that certain types or colors will no longer be available.

Not Getting The Drainage Right

If your artificial lawn isn’t installed properly, it will have a tendency to flood. You should avoid installing the grass on sloped areas or anywhere that gets too much shade. The entire area should be graded accordingly, and you may even need to install drainage pipes to ensure water can flow freely through the turf without causing any issues.

Getting A Bumpy, Uneven Surface

You should always lay out your artificial grass on a flat surface and roll it down, so there are no creases or bulges. This is especially important if you want to install the turf over concrete because any bumps will be very noticeable.

Forgetting The Weed Preventing Membrane

Artificial grass is a great way to save water and reduce the need for chemicals, but it won’t be able to do either of these things if weeds start sprouting up between the blades. You should always install a weed prevention membrane before laying your product out on top of it.

Making The Joints Obvious

Homes with artificial grass often have a very unnatural look, but there are ways to reduce this. You should also use the same type of turf throughout your lawn so that nobody can tell where one piece ends and another begins.

Not Securing It Firmly

Since artificial grass is so light, it’s important to use heavy-duty staples or nails when you install it. It may cost a little more money than other types of fasteners, but they’re well worth the extra expense if you want your lawn to last for several years.

Not Enjoying It Enough

Many homeowners’ biggest mistake with their artificial lawn is not enjoying it enough. They’re worried about damaging it. You should enjoy your new lawn as much as possible and find ways to make good use of it. Contact us today at Artificial Grass Pros