▷Life-Changing Perks Of Artificial Grass In San Diego

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5 Life-Changing Perks Of Artificial Grass In San Diego For Pet Owners

Life-Changing Perks Of Artificial Grass In San DiegoMaintaining a healthy lawn is one of the most challenging parts of being a pet owner. Dogs go mad for natural grass, but canine playtime often involves digging, chewing up, and damaging the yard. Their pee is also toxic to grass. However, don’t give up on your dream lawn. Enjoy a perfect yard and a happy dog at the same time with artificial grass!

How Synthetic Turf Improves Pet Ownership

Once you switch over to artificial turf, most pet-related backyard issues go away for good. Get ready for a whole new yard experience with synthetic turf:

Never Deal With Lawn Burn Again

By now, you’ve probably noticed brown or dead spots in your dog’s usual potty areas. This is called lawn burn. Dog urine contains high amounts of nitrogen and related salts, which are incredibly toxic to natural grass. On the other hand, turf fibers are entirely synthetic, so no amount of chemicals in your pet’s urine can damage it.

Significantly Reduce The Risk Of Pest Infestations

Pests like ticks and fleas love to use the moist, shaded areas of natural lawns for breeding. This makes your dog susceptible to infestation and is also likely to trigger a flea and tick problem inside your home. They’ll never find any food, shelter, or a place to breed on artificial grass for dogs, which instantly reduces pests on your lawn.

Say Goodbye To Holes And Dips In Your Yard

Most dogs are obsessed with digging, and it’s a brilliant way to burn energy. However, it can wreak havoc on a natural lawn. Not only are those holes look disgusting, but they also create tripping hazards for the rest of the family. 

Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf is tough enough to withstand even the most determined diggers. They can paw at the turf as much as they want, and your lawn will remain in perfect condition.

Enjoy Easy Clean-Up

If your backyard doubles as your dog’s bathroom, it can be hard to keep out foul odors and manage the waste. Artificial grass is designed with a unique drainage system. It only takes a bit of soapy water to wash out urine and prevent unpleasant smells from building up on your lawn.

Create A Safer Play Space For Your Dog

A natural lawn can be a dangerous place for pets. Along with the presence of pests, it can also harbor toxic weeds and plants, expose your dogs to weedicides and pesticides, and trigger allergies due to grass pollen. Natural grass also produces sharp burrs that can hurt your dog and damage their fur. 

Say Hello To A Beautiful, Pet-Friendly Yard With Artificial Grass

Create lush outdoor heaven for you and your pets with the help of Artificial Grass Pros! All it takes is a quick call to get the ball rolling on your project. Feel free to reach out to us for any project you have in mind!

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