▷How To Reclaim Your Weekends With Artificial Grass San Diego

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How To Reclaim Your Weekends With Artificial Grass San Diego

How To Reclaim Your Weekends With Artificial Grass San DiegoAfter a long day at work, many people dread the idea of spending their weekends gardening or doing outdoor chores. Reclaim your weekends with artificial grass! Artificial turf is not only aesthetically pleasing to look at, but it also takes away the hassle and time needed for lawn care. Is it time for you to make the switch? 

Caring For A Grass Lawn

Any traditional grass lawn requires considerable TLC. In order to keep a grass lawn looking healthy and green, you must water it every day. In the warmer months of April through September, this means watering your lawn from one to three times per day! Keeping up with regular mowing is also necessary in order to keep weeds at bay. 

As a society, we’re beginning to value time more than ever—but as the years pass by, people are beginning to value convenience just as much. In one week, those with a lawn spend an average of four hours engaging in yard maintenance. 

Artificial Grass Gives You The Gift Of Time

Besides water-saving characteristics and a laundry list of beneficial aspects, artificial turf also gives you the gift of time. Artificial grass requires little to no maintenance, which means there’s more time for friends and family. Artificial grass does not require mowing or watering—so it saves up to 100 gallons per week! 

Artificial turf is a relatively new trend that has caught on in popularity because homeowners are beginning to realize the benefits. Artificial grass also stays green year-round, so there’s no need for touch ups or painting!

Artificial grass also lasts longer than traditional grass, so you can reduce your lawn care costs. Artificial turf looks more natural and realistic as well! Artificial grass is also UV-protected, so it won’t fade in sunlight. Artificial turf can even be installed to match the tone of your house!

Artificial Grass Surfaces Are Safe For Pets And Kids

Pet owners know that pets love to “do their business” on nice green lawns. Artificial grass surfaces are safe for pets and kids to play on because they are 100% pet-friendly. Artificial grass surfaces can be cleaned easily with a hose, so it’s not necessary to use harsh chemicals or detergents that could harm your family’s health! Artificial turf is also non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about sickened pets.


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