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San Diego Landscape, Design, Installation, & Maintenance

San Diego Landscape, Design, Installation, & MaintenanceIt is constructing a compost heap that will provide many benefits. Organic matter will naturally break down on its own after some time with components. Composting can boost the process, provide nutrients for plants, build up the soil, and keep valuable resources from going to waste.

Specific steps you can take to construct your compost heap are mentioned below. Contact us today for a free artificial grass landscape installation quote. 

Choose a location for your foundation 

Choose easy access for your pile but make sure it’s also out of sight if you like privacy. During dry time water might need to be added, so make sure it is within reach of your gardening hose.

Start your pile at the right time 

You can set up your pile any time of the year, but it’s better to have both plentiful nitrogen and carbon materials available.

Decide how you want to contain it 

A simple way is to add up everything you want to compost in a pile and let it decay, and cover it with rocks or fences, etc. The second best option is to use a composting bin.

Know what to and not to put in your pile 

You can compost anything that decays, but not the foods that aren’t easy to decompose in case of any doubts—research about what you can and can’t include. 

Balance carbon and nitrogen materials 

Professionals recommend 60% of the pile be carbon (dead/brown/dried out material) and 40% nitrogen (green).

Layer the pile 

Layer your pile, and spray some water between every single layer. Add twigs or another coarse material every 8 inches or so to allow for proper airflow. Get a free artificial grass quote today. 

Maintain the pile 

After every little while, mix the pile using anything like a pitchfork and lifting the middle to the outer edges of the stack. You must make sure that the center of the pile is warm and evenly moist but not soaked as it will make the pile smell rotten. 

Troubleshoot and fix any recurring issues 

Problems, like piles getting too hot or smell bad, are common composting and do typically occur. Make time to identify those problems and adjust your maintenance as needed. Contact Artificial Grass Pros today.