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Things To Know Before You Buy Artificial Turf For Dogs And Pets In San DiegoThings To Know Before You Buy Artificial Turf For Dogs And Pets In San Diego

  1. Dog Urine Does Not Damage It

When you let your dog or pet out, they usually like to play around for a bit before doing anything else because, let us face it, who doesn’t like a roll in the mud? When the rain comes, it’s no longer mud but actual water, which makes them do their business on your lawn again. It doesn’t matter how much you scrub or wash away that urine because within hours (or less), it will be back into the grass, and that’s the bad news. You see, urine contains nitrogen, and when it comes in contact with grass, all that nitrogen will literally kill the grasses by burning them from the inside. Artificial turf is completely resistant to dog urine, so you don’t have to worry about any damage.

  1. Dog Paws Do Not Damage It

Pawprints look awful on a green lawn, but they’re usually cleared away before you start feeling sad about them because of rain or watering. This does not happen for artificial turf because it is not real grass. Those marks stay there forever unless you remove them yourself, which is slightly troublesome to do if you have a bigger yard because it is a bit hard to get rid of those paw prints manually, except if your dog likes walking on a mat.

  1. No More Need Of Mowing The Lawn Every Weekend

All you have to do is sweep it off, and that’s it! It doesn’t require any maintenance but if you want, you can lightly brush it with a brush so that there’s no shedding.

  1. They Provide Excellent Insulation From Cold And Hot Weathers

Artificial turf is an outdoor product, so obviously, it’s made to withstand all types of weather, including extreme weather such as snow, hail, etc. If your dog likes rolling on the grass during winter or in the heat of summer, then there’s nothing that artificial turf cannot handle compared to natural grass because when dogs roll in mud or snow in natural grass, they’re bringing some unwanted guests like parasites.

  1. It Requires Low Maintenance

All you have to do is clean it, sweep it, or even hose it down if your pet makes a mess but nothing more than that! Natural grass not only requires attention for dogs but also for yourself, so you can water and mow the lawn every weekend, which can take up hours of your time throughout the week. Artificial turf doesn’t need any effort at all to maintain.


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