▷Turf For Dogs: Top 4 FAQs For Pet Owners In San Diego

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Outdoor Turf For Dogs: Top 4 FAQs For Pet Owners In San Diego

Turf For Dogs: Top 4 FAQs For Pet Owners In San DiegoWhen you’re shopping for the perfect lawn for your family, there are many factors to consider. You would be remiss not to take safety into account when choosing your backyard landscape. If your dog is an outdoor pet, you need to select a turf that will provide year-round comfort and safety with minimum care–and, of course, maximum visual appeal.

When it comes to finding Artificial Turf that can best accommodate you and your pooch, this is the place to start! We’ll cover some of the most frequently asked questions relating to proper turf for dogs so you can make the right decision.

1) Is Dog Grass Available In Pre-Cut Rolls?

Yes, there are several distributors that offer custom cutting options online using the roll and slice method, which allows you to install turf in any size area exactly how it should be laid out. The good thing about installing Artificial Turf this way is that it eliminates the need to measure and cut each turf piece and come up with a design.

2) How Much Does Dog Turf Cost?

Depending on the size of your lawn, we recommend 4 oz. Rolls that can cover 150-300 square feet. Each roll will cost about $125 to $150 for installation. This is approximately half the cost of artificial turf but requires more care as it is real grass that needs to be watered and mowed regularly during the spring and summer months to look lush green. It will not turn brown like other dog turf brands in winter because it lives outdoors year-round, making it ideal for all climates, including places where winters are harsh.

3) Is There An Odor?

Pet-friendly grass doesn’t have any artificial fragrance or smell, but it does have a distinctive aroma from the combination of warm sunshine, fresh air, and your dog’s presence. Pet owners who want to use real grass for their dogs will be pleased about this pleasant scent that is natural and fresh.

4) What Is The Maintenance Involved?

Rainfall already provides enough moisture to keep the lawn green, but you may need to water it daily during a long dry spell or a heatwave if you plan on keeping your dog outside all day long. 

That said, artificial turf also requires regular irrigation for optimal health, so there aren’t many differences between these two types of grass when it comes to caring for them. The only advantage with Artificial Grass is that because it consists of living plants, fertilizer can be used to promote lush green growth that will provide your dog with maximum comfort.


You may contact the experts at Artificial Grass Pros for assistance with your decision to have Artificial Grass installed in your yard. We will ensure that the grass is laid out according to the requirements of you and Fido, which means that no space will be wasted or left unusable by pets or their owners.